Marshall County Commissioners Act on WECS Ordinance Amendments

This sign was displayed during the Marshall County Commissioners meeting.
This sign was displayed during the Marshall County Commissioners meeting.

The Marshall County Commissioners acted on the Marshall County Plan Commission’s recommended amendments to an ordinance regulating Wind Energy Conversion Systems.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger reminded the board members that the amendments were presented to them on Monday, March 18 where the commissioners tabled a decision in order to dissect the many pages of recommendations. In a separate meeting, the commissioners asked for a resolution to ban wind farms altogether, but the plan commission later found that to be an unfavorable recommendation.

Clevenger recommended that they act on the amendments brought forth. As a result, Commissioner Deb Griewank made a motion to approve the amendments and it was seconded and approved. A motion was then made to suspend the rules and the amendments were approved on all three readings.

The plan commission is expected to hold a public hearing on the matter on May 20.

The amendments essentially do not permit a wind farm on any land in Marshall County.

Dennis Thornton, a former member and president of the Marshall County Plan Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals, reviewed some issues with wind turbines and also showed a video of turbines blowing apart due to inadequate gearboxes. He gave several points and when he ended his presentation, the many people in attendance who are against wind farms, applauded.

Those against the wind farms lifted up signs that stated “No Wind Farms” prior to the board’s vote on the proposed amendments.