Marshall County Commissioners Approve Change in Voting Districts

Marshall County Clerk Julie Fox and a member of the Marshall County Election Board appeared before the commissioners for the approval of amendments to four Plymouth voting districts.

When the census was conducted in 2010, it was found that the four Center Township voting districts in Plymouth were not equal. The four voting districts were amended to equal amounts. The election board felt that it was confusing to split up the districts in which they had become so the boundaries were changed.

With that, Center Township 1 will gain 14 voters while Center Township 2 will lose 14 voters. Center Township 3 in Plymouth will lose 36 voters while Center Township 4 will gain those voters.

This will also save money when ballot building.

The commissioners approved the proposal which will now be presented to the Indiana Election Board.

Clerk Julie Fox also asked the commissioners for the purchase of 10 more MicroVote machines. The addition would ease the longer lines experienced at some polling precincts on election day. The total cost would be $29,500. The commissioners approved a motion to recommend the purchase to the Marshall County Council who will have to find money in the General Fund for the expenditure as the purchase was not budgeted in a line item for the clerk’s office this year.