Marshall County Commissioners Discuss Highway Department Requests


The Marshall County Commissioners held off on approving a road cut for Crystal Broadband as several customers have complained about the service the company provides.

Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck told the commissioners that a customer has complained for months that his cable service has not been working, but they keep charging him for it and he can’t get a hold of any representative to help him with the situation. He’d change to a satellite system but the location would not provide a direct line of sight for a satellite dish.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer asked Haeck to give him the number of the company’s representative asking for the road cut and he will have a direct conversation with that representative to get this cleared before any more work is conducted in the county.

Haeck also told the commissioners that the distribution of free dirt is going well. Any resident can go to the highway department on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET and load up with free dirt. The resident will be responsible for bringing his or her own container and tools in which to haul the dirt away from the site.

In the last order of business with the highway department, the commissioners approved the purchase of a stump grinder. Haeck presented the commissioners with three bids for a used stump grinder and the commissioners approved a quote from Hoosier Equipment for $9,700. The stump grinder will be used to rid rights of way of hazardous stumps.