Motorcyclist Struck on State Road 10, Airlifted to South Bend


A motorcyclist from Plymouth was airlifted to Memorial Hospital on Sunday after his bike was struck by a car as he was slowing down to turn onto County Road 300 East off of State Road 10 in Starke County – a grim reminder that since the weather is nice, motorcyclists are out, so be careful and pay attention to the road. Shawn Duhnovsky of Plymouth was traveling west on State Road 10 east of County Road 300 East when a witness said he began slowing down to turn, but the driver behind him failed to notice that he had slowed and struck his motorcycle.

Eric Aschinger of Culver was behind the motorcycle when Duhnovsky began to turn, but failed to notice he had slowed. He said he attempted to swerve and avoid a collision, but was unable to avoid striking the motorcycle. Duhnovsky landed on the hood of the car before falling onto the pavement.

Police say he suffered from incapacitating injuries and was thrown from the bike. Fortunately, Duhnovsky was wearing a helmet, avoiding possible serious injuries to his head. He was airlifted to Memorial Hospital in South Bend and was unable to give a statement.