North Judson BZA Grants Variance to Kersting to Rebuild Home

A North Judson man has been given permission to rebuild his home that had burned to the ground, despite the fact that the building he wishes to construct does not meet zoning laws. Jason Kersting wished to build a new house of similar dimensions on the property, but the house would not meet the minimum square foot requirements set by zoning laws – that is, 1250 feet. While Kersting could build a structure of 1250 feet and comply with the zoning regulations, he requested the variance to build the new structure to a similar size.

The original structure was smaller than the current minimum square foot requirement, but Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said that was probably due to the building being constructed before the requirements were in place. Now that the house has been destroyed, the construction of a new house would be considered a new structure and subject to current zoning laws.

Because a dwelling of the size Kersting is looking to build existed previously, the Board of Zoning Appeals felt it was only right that he be allowed to rebuild the structure that had been destroyed in a fire three months ago. The board approved his request to rebuild the home to similar dimensions at 214 W. Weninger St. in North Judson.