North Judson Resident Seeking Zoning Variance; Public Hearing Scheduled

The North Judson Town Board Monday night heard from some concerned citizens regarding a zoning variance request from a town resident who is seeking to run an internet gun sale service from his home. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that resident Jason LaMantia Sr. is seeking a variance from single-family residential zoning to a commercial zoning in order to allow him to run the business, but Henry said a number of citizens attended the meeting to gather more information on the request.

Henry said LaMantia has to jump through some hoops in order to obtain the zoning variance, including putting a legal notice in the ads of the local paper for two weeks in a row, send certified letters to his adjacent neighbors informing them of his request, and meet with the Board of Zoning Appeals in a public meeting.

That meeting will take place next Tuesday, May 14 at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, where the board will review the request and hear public input on the matter.

Henry emphasized that this is not a zoning change, merely a variance, and said that if LaMantia moves, the zoning for the property will revert back to single-family residential. Anyone with concerns about the variance should attend the meeting on May 14.