North Judson Resident Walking 2079 Miles Encouraging ACS Donations

A North Judson man set off this weekend on a soul-searching journey across the country with the hopes of raising funds for the American Cancer Society in the process. Wes Carter, 22, began a 2079-mile walk Saturday evening around 7 p.m., heading toward San Diego – an on-foot journey that he expects to take roughly two months.

His journey soon turned into more than just a very long walk as he decided to contact ACS, turning the adventure into something more. Carter’s family had been touched by cancer, and he decided that raising awareness and encouraging donations to ACS along their trip was something he needed to do.

Carter said his inspiration for raising funds for ACS was his uncle, Richard Carter, who has been battling cancer for the last several years.

“My uncle Richard, who’s been a very big part of my life – more than he probably actually knows – has been really inspirational to me and he’s battled with cancer for probably the past 10 years, and he’s been battling with it and battling with it and now it’s just gotten to the point to where they don’t know if he’s going to make it too much longer,” Carter said. “And I saw him and told him we were taking off, and it was just a heartfelt moment. I was like, ‘We’re walking for the American Cancer Society and so I’m walking for you, man,’ and it just made me feel really good about the whole situation.”

Carter’s first planned stop will be Denver where he will visit ACS Resource Center in Colorado, but Carter said he’s bringing his phone and he will be searching for events to visit to try and spur more donations to ACS. To donate, go to; when donating, fill out the acknowledgment card form and have it sent to 504 Mulberry Street, North Judson, Ind., 46366. Alternatively, call the national ACS hotline at 1-800-227-2345.