North Judson Town Board Again Revises Schedule of Fees Ordinance

The North Judson Town Board once again postponed the first reading of the town’s schedule of fees ordinance, and Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said that was because they once again made a minor revision to the ordinance and will have to put it off until the next meeting on May 20. But, since the town is facing no particular deadline to get the ordinance passed, Henry said they’re taking their time to ensure they get it right.

Henry explained two changes were made this time that applied to two fees: the occupancy permit fee and the structural improvement and inspection fee. She said the occupancy permit fee was previously on the fee schedule, but it was called “change of occupancy fee,” and comes at a cost of $25. She said this fee applies to buildings that need to undergo an inspection by the building inspector after a project to ensure it is up to code before the property owners can move in.

The second fee, the structural improvement and inspection fee, applies to homeowners who have done work on their home that does not necessarily require a building permit but must still be inspected, such as changing the structure of the roof, the size of windows, or adding doors to the building. Structural improvements such as these require inspection, and that carries a cost of $50.