PCCF to Hold Grads in Action Program, Scholarship Recognition June 15

The Pulaski County Community Foundation is inviting scholarship recipients, their parents, donors and members of the community to attend the Scholarship Recognition Picnic at the Tippecanoe River State Park on Saturday, June 15. The Grads in Action project will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. at the nature center, with the Scholar Picnic following at noon and their recognition program at 1 p.m. at the River Shelter.

Kim Krause, scholarship coordinator for PCCF, said the Grads in Action program provides scholarship recipients with the opportunity to show their appreciation to their community.

“The Grads in Action program just gives the recipients that received scholarships through this Community Foundation an opportunity to just show their gratitude back to the community for what they’ve done and helping them to be where they’re at today. It’s not an obligation; if it’s something they’d like to do, that would be great. It’s just an opportunity for them,” said Krause.

Krause said PCCF is celebrating 15 years with the Lilly Endowment Program, and they’ve invited the 31 scholars that have received the full-tuition endowment over the last 15 years to attend. This year, PCCF will be giving gifts to the scholars since they have already received their certificates.

She said there will be plenty of food at the picnic, and scholars, their parents, and everyone else attending will be able to get into the park free, thanks to the Community Foundation. The foundation is paying for free entrance passes for those in attendance.

Krause explained the graduates participating in the Grads in Action program will be showing their gratitude by cleaning and organizing display boards at the park.

“This year’s project, they will be working in the nature center there at the Tippecanoe River State Park and they have some display boards that need to be cleaned and organized and updated with some more information about the different animals and flowers that are throughout the state park for people to enjoy,” Krause said.

PCCF awarded 25 scholarships this year – an average number, according to Krause.