Property Owners Will Repay City of Plymouth for Meth Lab Clean-Up

A dispute over a land contract and who has to pay for meth clean-up on the property has forced the city of Plymouth to take action.

Plymouth Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds said this is the first instance in which the city has given notice to a land owner to clean up a dwelling due to a meth lab. The property in question is on West Washington Street in Plymouth. The property was sold under a land contract and the city notified those involved that clean-up has to occur.

A methamphetamine lab was found in the building complex on more than one occasion and when a lab has been identified, a notice is given mandating that the person or person responsible for the dwelling – or in this case, apartment building – must go through an inspection by a state inspector in order to rid the living space of any contaminates that escaped in the meth-making process.

Those involved in the sale of the property recently came to an agreement where the city will pay for the inspections and repayment will be made by the entity purchasing the property.

Hammonds indicated that notice was given May 13.

He doesn’t believe that meth clean-up issues will become a big deal and this is the first problem the city has run into regarding clean-up procedures.