Pulaski County Drug Free Council Awards Annual Grants


The Pulaski County Drug Free Council announced that it has awarded more than $4000 in its annual grants, aimed at the reduction of drug and alcohol abuse in Pulaski County. The collection of statutory countermeasure fees assessed of convicts of certain drug and alcohol offenses fund the grants, which can be awarded for programs aimed to providing prevention, treatment or the criminal enforcement of drug and alcohol abuse.

This time, the Drug Free Council awarded $4356 in grants, split up amongst those who completed an application detailing how the funding would be used and how it would further the goals of preventing, treating, or criminally enforcing drug and alcohol abuse. Recipients are required to attend more than half of the monthly meetings of the Drug Free Council, where they can speak and discuss ideas with others from the county seeking to curb alcohol and drug abuse in Pulaski County. The final criteria for recipients requires them to file a report with the Drug Free Council confirming how the funds were used.

This year, the Drug Free Council awarded grants to Arrowhead Country Winamac Skate Park, Dr. Hollenburg’s Life Survival Skills Class, the Winamac After-Prom, the West Central School SADD Program, and Four County Counseling.

The process begins again this fall, when applications for grants will be distributed in October with deadlines typically toward the end of November. If you know of a qualifying program that could benefit from a grant, consider completing an application when they become available.

The next meeting of the Pulaski County Drug Free Council is on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 3:30 p.m. ET at the West Central Elementary School. The public is invited to attend.