School Referendum Voted Down in Special Election


The school referendum question offered by the Knox Community School Corporation did not pass in Tuesday’s special election.

The final vote found 556 voters against the property tax increase and 458 votes in favor of the construction and rehabilitation project at the Knox Elementary School.

In looking at the precinct totals, the referendum did pass in a handful of townships: Center 1, Center 2, Center 6, and Washington 2. The margins were very close in those townships. One vote separated the yes and no votes in Washington Township 2.

1,014 votes were cast in this election with 695 machine ballots and 319 absentee ballots counted. 7,926 residents were eligible to vote in this election which included three townships: California, Center and Washington. Center Township 5 had the highest voter count with 172 total ballots cast (including both machine and absentee votes). Percentage-wise, Center 2 had the highest amount of registered voters cast ballots with 19.14%. Overall, 12.79% of registered voters cast a ballot in this election.

So, what happens now?

Superintendent A.J. Gappa indicated that the school will continue to operate as it is now with constant repairs to the HVAC system and the staff will continue monitoring and dealing with the moisture and mold issues and an outdated electric and technology setup. The cafeteria staff will continue working in a cramped space and haul food to the other section of the school to feed hundreds of students in the school.

It was brought up in previous meetings that the constant upkeep in that portion of the school will cost the corporation more than building a new wing.

For a complete list of the results by township, visit the election central page this website.