Senate Republicans Demand Obama Administration Cooperate with IRS Investigation

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats
U.S. Sen. Dan Coats
All Senate Republicans, including Indiana Senator Dan Coats, signed a letter to President Obama demanding full compliance from his administration with requests from Congress for information on the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups and violations of First Amendment Rights.

The letter, led by Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Orrin Hatch of Utah and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, raised concerns about conflicting responses from the IRS and emphasized the need for the administration to work with Congress on investigating the agency.

In the letter, the senators stated that the American people deserve to know what actions will be taken to make sure that the people responsible for policy decisions at the IRS are being held fully accountable, and requests to know what is being done to ensure this “raw partisanship is fully eliminated from these critically important non-partisan government functions.”

The letter demands that the Obama administration comply with all requests related to Congressional inquiries without delay, and asks that the administration ensure that all IRS employees involved in designing and implementing prohibited political screenings are made available.

“It is imperative that the Administration be fully forthcoming to ensure that we begin to restore the confidence of our fellow citizens after this blatant violation of their trust. We look forward to working on this critical issue with the Administration’s full cooperation,” the letter stated.

A copy of the signed letter is available here. []