Spring Stampede Held at Knox Elementary School


It was a beautiful day to be outside and the students from the JESSE Corporation and severe and profound special needs classes enjoyed participating in outdoor activities in a great event at the Knox Elementary School yesterday.

Knox teacher Jenny Fletcher said over 80 students from Argos, Plymouth, LaVille, John Glenn and Knox, plus two preschool classes that have students with special needs participated in the Spring Stampede.

“They have set up events all around and we invited the high school students to come over and help us with different activities that are appropriate for children with special needs,” stated Fletcher. “We have sensory bins for them to play at, calm down quiet zones, large balls for them to play with and other Field Day-type activities.”

Fletcher explained that this event differs from the regular Field Day in which all of the students participate. These students get to achieve personal goals.

“This was an opportunity for them to have something. We’re also working on social skills and making new friends. It’s just a chance for us as Special Ed teachers to get together and just enjoy our children. It’s not all about academics today,” said Fletcher.

Over 150 volunteers assisted in making this a great day for the students and they all had a lot of fun.

“The kids of all ages from the high school level down to our littlest preschoolers are getting along great and having a great time!” Fletcher exclaimed.

Many sponsors were also in attendance who donated items such as pizza and items for goodie bags. Financial support gave the volunteers a chance to purchase t-shirts for all of the kids and prizes.