Summer Cool Program Begins June 3

Pulaski County Human Services and North Central Community Action Agencies are teaming up once again to start the Summer Cool Program beginning June 3, when the organizations will provide an additional $75 to go toward the household’s electric utility bill that signed up during the winter for regular energy assistance. The only requirement for qualification is that all currently approved households from the winter assistance program bring in a current utility bill if they’ve moved or changed the name on the bill, the electric vendor or the account number.

Households with disconnected electric service or those that are scheduled for disconnection should also inform the agency of their situation.

The program will also offer air conditioners on a first-come, first-served basis this summer to both current and new households if eligible. There are three requirements households must meet for eligibility, however: they must meet the income guidelines; have a residing member that is elderly or disabled or have a child under the age of 6 with a verified life-threatening illness. Air Conditioner Certification Affidavit forms are available at the agency and must be completed by a doctor or nurse practitioner as it is the only accepted form of verification.

Pulaski County Human Services will begin taking new applications for the Summer Cool Program by appointment beginning July 1 for the $75 electric benefit and the air conditioners. Interested applicants will need to bring in current income information for the past 12 months for all adult household members, a current utility bill, and a current lease if the home is rented.

Call Pulaski County Human Services at (574) 946-6501 or 1-877-946-4211 for additional information and to schedule an appointment.