Two Knox City Officials Apply for Sidewalk Reimbursement

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

Two city officials from Knox have applied for the 50/50 sidewalk reimbursement program, and now the pair must file conflict of interest statements as recommended by the city attorney. Attorney David Matsey told the council that Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston and Councilman Jeff Berg have applied for the program and the council must now approve the statements before filing them with the State Board of Accounts, circuit court clerk, and the Indiana State Ethics Commission.

Mayor Rick Chambers said it seems like a lot of work for a simple sidewalk reimbursement program but it should be done this way to show that the city is not hiding anything. He said Houston and Berg pay taxes just like everyone else and they deserve to be able to apply for the program as well.

Houston’s expense would be roughly $500 for the sidewalk repairs and Berg would pay around $600. Chambers said there is no waiting list for the reimbursement program and everyone that applied has been approved.

Yesterday was the last day for people to pay their share of the 50/50 program to move forward with repairs. The council passed a motion to approve the conflict of interest statements and proceed with filing them appropriately.