Winamac Town Board Modifies a Number of Policies

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall
The Winamac Town Board last week tabled discussion regarding the new employee handbook and addressed a number of issues brought forward by Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger during their regular meeting on May 13.

Berger asked the council to consider requiring that property owners be responsible for any unpaid water and electric bills after a renter moves out, leaving the town with an outstanding bill. Following a discussion, the council voted to raise the water and electric deposits as a solution to the matter and an ordinance will need to be written for these changes to take effect.

Berger also asked the council to consider requiring new customers to execute a contract for service with the town of Winamac and receive a billing and collection policy. The council approved that request as well as the policy and contract. The council also approved a request from Berger to change the late notice and penalty procedure; rather than mail out penalty notices, she recommended that phone calls be made instead.

The council also implemented a change to the town employees’ current HSA contributions. Councilman Richard Denney made a motion to increase the contribution to each employee’s HSA account by an additional $100 per month. The motion was seconded by councilman Dan Vanaman and passed with just one opposed: Tom Murray.