Winamac Town Park Closed While Flooding Remains an Issue

Flooding remains an issue in Pulaski County.

Minor flooding is occurring in the Ora area and some residences have been affected.

The Winamac Town Park is closed while river waters have spilled into the park. Park Superintendent Rick Dilts says water remains on the roads in the lowest part of the park, which is located by the baseball diamonds. The ticket booth for the power show is about halfway underwater and the 4-H buildings in the back of the park are reportedly suffering flooding issues. Dilts indicated that there won’t be many tree branches or other debris to pick up and not a lot of damage is predicted.

Dilts noted that the river is at 12.2 feet and is receding. He hopes to open the park by the end of the week. The ground will be soft and cautions park visitors to be careful when in the park.

Pulaski County EMA Director Larry Hoover said he’s been keeping an eye on the river and has gotten a few reports that the water level has risen around a few homes but not in anyone’s home. One resident who reported flooding in a home south of the town of Pulaski had to be relocated. The Red Cross has volunteered to help in that situation.

While the Tippecanoe River is causing a mess in Pulaski County, it doesn’t seem to be affecting Marshall County.

Marshall County EMA Director Clyde Avery said he checked the normal problem areas when the first threat of flooding occurred and there have been no significant issues. He spoke to a resident on Blackford Avenue whose property is prone to flood issues and that resident had made plans to stay somewhere else until the flooding threats had subsided.