Wind Turbine Issue Blows Back to Marshall County Commissioners


The Marshall County Commissioners will be discussing the original Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance amendments during their regular board meeting this morning at 8:30 a.m. ET.

The amendment asks for the placement of a wind turbine conversion system, or wind farm, 2,640 feet from any parcels zoned L-1 and T-1, which are lakes and town residential areas, and 2,640 feet from a house of a non-participating landowner, park, bank of a river, church, building, school wetlands or airstrips. Essentially, the amendment does not allow a wind energy conversion system farm anywhere in the Marshall County area.

At a commissioners meeting in April, the board members unanimously agreed to draft a resolution to present to the plan commission that would prohibit the establishment of a commercial wind energy farm in Marshall County. However, County Attorney Jim Clevenger said the proposed amendments must be approved or rejected and suggested that the commissioners act on the amendments during today’s meeting.

The Marshall County Plan Commission members had reportedly decided at their most recent meeting that the final approval or rejection of the Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance amendments fall on the commissioners and would not support the commissioners proposed resolution.

The Marshall County Commissioners will be hearing from Dennis Thornton who is scheduled on the agenda to speak on the wind turbine topic and the board is expected to vote on the amendment later in the meeting as noted on the agenda.

The commissioners meet in the commissioners meeting room on the second floor in the Marshall County Building.