Another Telephone Scam Hits Northern Indiana

Another telephone scam is hitting the area.

The victim in LaPorte told police that he got a phone call at work from a man who identified himself as “Alex Rodgers of the Texas State’s Attorney’s Office.” “Rodgers” told the victim that he had an outstanding loan of $1,789 and that he was going to be arrested. He was instructed to obtain Green Dot cards from Walmart or Kmart and, once those cards were obtained, to call the number the suspect gave him. The victim was to provide the PIN numbers on the cards so they could be redeemed for the amount.

The victim called the number and provided the PIN numbers.

The victim thought that something wasn’t right, so he reported the incident to police.

When LaPorte officers called the number that was provided to the victim, “Rodgers” was not forthcoming with information and his superior yelled profanities at the officer and hung up.

LaPorte officers notified the Dallas police and they had received several similar complaints.

LaPorte officers ask you to be scam alert. If the person calling you is asking for money, be sure you check out the origin of the call or call your local police department to report a possible scam. Do not give out personal information over the phone.