Attorneys Meet in Case Involving Former Winamac Police Officer

Daymond Hartley’s defense attorney Tim Murray and Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Blair Todd met for a first pre-trial conference in his case and another pre-trial setting has been scheduled for Aug. 5 at 8 a.m. ET in Pulaski Circuit Court.

The former Winamac Police Department officer had pleaded not guilty to a charge of Theft as a Class D felony in an earlier court hearing. He allegedly admitted to Winamac Police Chief Michael Buchanan that he took $6,352 from an evidence locker at the police department on Feb. 25, but he returned the money on April 6. Hartley reportedly told Chief Buchanan that he took the money to help pay for a dental procedure for his mother.

The money was being held in an evidence locker during an investigation into a fatal accident involving Jamie Sheets.

Hartley has since resigned from his position at the police department.