Berg Continues Work on Establishing Monterey Christian School

Monterey Elementary School
Monterey Elementary School
Eugene Berg of Monterey has been making the rounds, traveling around the community making presentations to churches and other organizations. Berg said he recently made a presentation at the Methodist church in Monterey on Wednesday evening as he makes his case for starting a Christian school in Monterey. Berg is trying to garner support for the school, and he said he hopes to use the now-abandoned elementary school in Monterey that has been out of use for two years.

Berg said he is in negotiations with the Culver Community School Corporation superintendent and a committee that has been established to discuss the topic. He said he hopes to start a preschool daycare program in conjunction with the school as well, and he’s been making presentations to raise awareness.

“Hoping that this will get the word out and also that we can garner some support, either just through families and students as far as those are interested in being part of the school and in other ways, like financial contributions or even volunteers to help in some capacity,” said Berg.

Right now, however, Berg said the biggest hurdle is dealing with finances. He’s currently waiting on paperwork from the IRS to establish a non-profit organization, but the IRS informed him that they are a year behind and he could have to wait as long as six to eight months.

“We really need some donors and need businesses or whoever really that would like to help see this happen. We really need some financial contributions,” said Berg.

Berg said he thinks the school, if it is ultimately established, would benefit from the school voucher program. He said it could make the difference in a child’s life.

“We do feel like vouchers would be a good thing because this area, for the most part around Monterey and the surrounding towns or communities, it’s not an overly rich or wealthy area and I think a lot of people are interested in the school. But if it comes down to some of the families, using vouchers or not using vouchers, that’s going to make a difference as far as whether they’re going to be able to send their children to our school,” Berg said.

Anyone interested in helping the project, or to find more information, visit or call Berg at (574) 542-4719.