Check with Building Departments Before Hiring a Contractor


Pulaski County Zoning Administrator Dave Dare made a public announcement Friday reminding residents to check up on any contractors offering to do work on properties in the county. Because of the severe storms that tore through the area recently, many contractors have started to appear throughout the community, and Dare reminded residents that all contractors must be registered to perform work in the county.

An ordinance is in place in Pulaski and other counties requiring contractors, including roofing and siding installers, to register with the county, file a two-page application, $5000 permit bond and a certificate of commercial liability insurance. If all is found to be in compliance, Dare said a certificate good for one year will be issued. Registration is renewable annually, and he said customers should require proof from a contractor that they are registered with the county.

Dare said homeowners can call (574) 946-7858 to verify the status of a contractor and encouraged residents to read their contract very carefully and seek a professional consultant if the contract is too complicated to easily understand.

There are currently 400 contractors registered through Pulaski County.