Commissioners Make Decision Concerning RR Crossing Stop Signs

Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck presented an update to the commissioners on the Indiana Department of Transportation’s request concerning stop signs at the county’s railroad crossings.

Haeck explained that INDOT was interested in the county’s opinion regarding the stop signs along the railroad track that spans from Argos to Walkerton. INDOT wanted to know if the county wanted to amend those signs from stop signs to a yield sign or remove them. Haeck told the commissioners that his department reviewed all of the stop signs and asked the commissioners what to do.

The commissioners indicated that they want to keep stop signs at all crossings that do not have flashing lights or cross arms. A motion was approved to reflect that decision.

Haeck told the commissioners that he will relay that information back to INDOT.

In another decision, the commissioners approved the purchase of 15 additional radios for the highway department so every vehicle has a working radio. That was approved at a cost of $18,340.