Connie Miller Sentenced in St. Joseph County Court

A plea and sentencing hearing in the case involving former North Judson Town Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller was held Friday morning in St. Joseph County Court.

After a clarification of how the proper sentence should read, Special Judge Jerome Frese accepted the plea agreement put forth by Special Prosecutor Michael Krebes and Defense Attorney Todd Wallsmith.

Miller pleaded guilty to three counts of Theft as Class D felonies.

On Count I, Miller will serve an executed sentence of two years to be served on in-home detention under electronic monitoring with Starke County Community Corrections. On Count II, Miller would serve two years in the Indiana Department of Correction with that time suspended and three years to be served on probation. On Count VIII, Miller would serve two years in the Department of Corrections with that time suspended to be served on probation. In all, Connie Miller would serve one complete year on electronic monitoring overseen by the Starke County Community Corrections and five years of probation.

She is also ordered to pay all court costs, fees and restitution in the amount of $52,044.13.

Seven other counts were dismissed including Official Misconduct.

Current North Judson Town Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry spoke on behalf of the citizens of North Judson in which stated the citizens are opposed to the plea agreement and that Miller should be held accountable for her actions. She told Judge Frese the citizens feel incarceration is appropriate due to her mistrust while serving in the capacity of clerk-treasurer. She also noted that Miller should not be allowed to ever hold a public office and the citizens have voiced their opinion that the charge of official misconduct should not be dropped.

Judge Frese told her that Miller is already “paying a heavy price” for her actions as she has shamed her community and the community is mindful of that mistrust.

Town Board President Wendy Hoppe told the judge that because of Miller’s action of theft, the town has suffered in gathering needed items for several departments for compliance, updates and repairs.

A tearful Connie Miller also had a chance to make a statement and apologized for everything that she has done. She explained that this has hurt her family and she will be “paying the price for years to come.” She stated that she will attempt to make this right and restore the community’s faith and the elected officials’ trust in her.