Connie Miller’s Case to be Heard in St. Joseph County Court Today

A plea and sentencing hearing in the case of former North Judson Town Clerk-Treasurer Connie Miller will be held this morning at 10 a.m. ET in St. Joseph County Court.

In a previous court setting, Special Judge Jerome Frese rejected the plea agreement and asked for Special Prosecutor Michael Krebes and Defense Attorney Todd Wallsmith to come back with an amended plea agreement that reflects a change in length of sentence. Miller had pleaded guilty to three counts of Theft as Class D felonies.

A modified plea agreement has been reached and Judge Frese will review that plea agreement between the state and the defense and the sentence will be handed down. Restitution will also be decided in this case.

Miller is accused of taking over $74,000 from the town of North Judson while serving in the capacity of clerk-treasurer from Jan. 1 2010 to Dec. 31 2011.