Culver School Board Chooses Not to Renew Teacher’s Contract

Culver Community School Superintendent Brad Schuldt
Culver Community School Superintendent Brad Schuldt
The Culver Community School Board last night approved a motion to not renew the contract of elementary school teacher Cindy Master. Superintendent Brad Schuldt said this reduction in force is due to a lack of funding and the necessity to cut down on their teaching staff.

Ralph Huff, acting as attorney for the school board, told the board and audience that he is acting as attorney because in situations such as these, the school attorney must represent the administration which would create a conflict of interest.

The board met in a confidential meeting on June 17, when they took evidence, testimony and documents from the administration and Master. The board considered the evidence confidentially due to employee privacy standards, and the board had a chance to hear, read, and discuss the evidence.

In last night’s open meeting, the board approved a motion to cancel her contract at the end of the 2012-2013 school year and to adopt the findings of fact and conclusions of law presented during the confidential meeting. The motion was approved.