Flooding in Pulaski County Not as Harsh as Predicted

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
The flooding situation in Pulaski County may not be as serious as previously thought.

Pulaski County Emergency Management Agency Director Larry Hoover said the National Weather Service has lowered expectations of flooding of the Tippecanoe River in the Ora and Winamac areas. Moderate flooding is forecast in Ora, but the river will not crest as high as predicted.

Minor flooding is forecast for Winamac and Hoover believes the wet spots should dry out at the Winamac Town Park to have a successful 4-H Fair.

The county received some good-sized hail and wind in storms on Wednesday. If rain falls this weekend, Hoover says it could change the forecast of the flooding situation in Pulaski County, although not much in total rainfall is expected.