Four-Way Stop to Be Installed at Washington, East Intersection in Knox

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Drivers on Washington and East streets in Knox will soon notice a bit of a change as the city council this week approved a resolution to install a four-way stop at the intersection of the two streets. Mayor Rick Chambers read the resolution aloud at their meeting Tuesday night and explained that due to the proximity of the streets to a nearby school, it creates a hazardous condition to the pedestrians and vehicle traffic in the area.

Consequently, the council unanimously approved a resolution to install a four-way stop, a change to the current two-way stop at the intersection. Signs will soon be installed.

Chambers said it was a matter of concern for the well-being of children, as the Head Start school is nearby and, due to a funding cut, more parents will now be dropping their kids off at the school. The Head Start school had to cut back due to a reduction in funding from six buses to one bus, and Chambers said that means that parking lot will be under heavy traffic.

“So, more parents will be bringing their children to that school now instead of by bus, so they’re going to utilize that parking lot across from the Catholic church, dropping off those kids and having to walk them across the street to the school. And it’s been a high volume area anyway because of the church, and I have had complaints over the years about that intersection,” said Chambers.