Indiana DNR Reminds Boaters to Be Safe


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reminds you to stay safe and in compliance this boating season.

All motorboat operators must have a valid driver’s license to operate on all Indiana public waters. Any person who is at least 15 years old may operate a motorboat if a boater education course is successfully completed and approved by the DNR.

An Indiana certificate of registration and a validation decal to legally operate a watercraft on public water must be obtained. Your boat must be equipped with a Type I, II, III, or IV personal floatation device, or life jacket, and they must be U.S. Coast Guard approved. Proper navigation lights shall also be equipped on the boat.

A boating accident may include capsizing, collision, breaking down, flooding, fire, explosion and disappearance of a boat other than by theft. Police are to be notified of any vessel accident.

It is illegal to operate a motorboat while intoxicated due to alcohol, drugs or a combination of the two. If arrested and convicted of boating while intoxicated, you will face penalties of a Class C Misdemeanor. Consequences will be added if you have more than one conviction.