Kewanna Man Arrested After Alleged Theft

A Kewanna man was arrested Saturday after allegedly stealing a moped from a home in Winamac.

Winamac Police Chief Michael Buchanan said that a resident at 454 N. Market St. reportedly saw a man push his moped off of his property. The victim called police and when Buchanan learned of the details he went looking for the suspect and couldn’t locate him.

About an hour later, Buchanan received word that the suspect had the stolen moped on Galbreath Drive and was working on it. Police arrived at the scene and found the stolen moped and a backpack matching the one described by the victim, but no suspect. The chief happened to stop at a residence owned by the deputy prosecutor to ask if he’d seen the suspect and the suspect had stopped at his residence to make a phone call because his moped was out of gas. The moped that ran out of gas was actually owned by the suspect. The moped he allegedly stole was at the residence on Galbreath Drive.

The homeowner was escorted to the residence and identified the suspect as the one who stole his moped.

Dustin Kanschat, 32 of Kewanna, was arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft, a Class D felony. He was incarcerated in the Pulaski County Jail.