Knox School Board Approves Handbook Changes


The Knox Community School Board took action to approve several handbook changes for the next school year.

Changes were made to the handbook regarding cell phone use. High School Assistant Principal Dr. Michael Bendicsen noted that the current handbook states that students are to turn off their cell phones and keep them in their locker throughout the school day.

The handbook has been revised for all buildings to allow the use of cell phones if it pertains to the education process. If cell phone use is deemed a disruption to the education setting, it will be confiscated.

Bendicsen added that this will allow more flexibility for teachers and students.

Elementary School Principal Glenn Barnes said there has been a change in the policy regarding treats for special occasions. Barnes explained that allergies cause issues when students bring in homemade treats. To make sure that ingredients are listed on the treats that are brought in, language has been added in the handbook that requires treats to be store bought in order to be distributed to students in the classroom.

Middle School Principal Dave Miller said that cell phone use was the only change made in the handbook.