LaPorte Man Arrested After Calling And Yelling Threats

A LaPorte man was arrested after threatening the life of the mother of his children and harassing her over the course of 38 phone calls and 16 voicemail messages. According to the police report, Timothy Blaze, 23, had called the victim repeatedly and allegedly threatened to kill her and everyone in the home if she did not answer his calls.

Police listened to the messages and reportedly heard the suspect threatening the family and were able to verify that the calls were made from the suspect’s cell phone. Then the search for the suspect began… and quickly ended when the found him across the street from the victim’s home. He allegedly claimed he wasn’t going to actually hurt the family and told police he wasn’t responsible for his actions.

Blaze was arrested on charges of Intimidation as a Class D felony. Witnesses reportedly confirmed that Blaze was not only making the threatening phone calls, but yelling threats across the street at the victim’s home saying he was going to kill her and everyone inside.