LaPorte Woman Victimized by Scam


An 85-year-old woman was a victim of a telephone scam this week.

The woman’s daughter contacted LaPorte police after she heard her mother on the phone telling the person certain card numbers and saying she was unsure of how much money was in the account.

The woman was reportedly contacted by a man who identified himself as “David Washington,” who told her she was the winner of a Mercedes-Benz through a sweepstakes she’d entered. “David Washington” asked her to purchase prepaid cards in order to pay $500 in taxes for the vehicle. The victim did and provided the numbers to the suspect.

The victim received a second call by man who identified himself as “Anderson Cooper” and claimed he was with the FBI and investigating “Washington” for fraud activity. He also claimed he was with a sweepstakes company and asked that the victim send him an additional $500, which the victim did.

She was instructed to meet “David Washington” and give him a money order at a local store. While she was at the store, “Washington” called her and told her to have the people exit the car. Her neighbor saw a passing officer and reported the activity. “Washington” called the victim again and told her to destroy the money order. They would arrange another meeting for another day. She never returned a phone call and the incident was reported to police.

LaPorte police remind you that you never have to pay money to claim a prize.