Marshall Co. Museum Brings New Perspective to Political Figures

A new traveling exhibit has made its way to the Marshall County Museum from the Indiana Historical Society and it brings a whole new side to the political candidates who have traveled through the Hoosier state. Mindy Langdon, community relations for the museum, said the exhibit features 18 three-foot-wide free-standing exhibits that will be on display at the museum until June 27.

Langdon said the museum is blessed to have such a unique collection of photographs.

“We’re very fortunate to have it here at the museum. It’s a really unique perspective – at the Indiana Historical Society, they have a different perspective, a very creative perspective at looking at things,” said Langdon.

The exhibit, titled “Faces in the Crowd,” contains a number of photographs of political candidates traveling across the state and are taken from the perspectives of everyday Hoosiers. Langdon said a lot of the places in the pictures will look familiar to Indiana residents.

“A lot of these photographs have been taken by people as these political candidates have run for national offices. They trek through Indiana and campaign in different neighborhoods and at train depots and courthouses and different landmarks that you’ll recognize, like the Circle in Indianapolis,” said Langdon.

“Faces in the Crowd” features photographs of modern political figures such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Sarah Palin, but also includes photographs of historical political figures like Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Woodrow Wilson. Even Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedys.

“It really captures their personality. Photographs and some bio behind it, with this free-standing exhibit so it’s well worth seeing, especially if you’re into the political scene in Indiana,” said Langdon.

The exhibit is on display at the Marshall County Museum at 123 N. Michigan St. in downtown Plymouth until June 27.