Marshall County Red Cross Searching for New Location

The Marshall County chapter of the Red Cross will soon be moving from its current location, which they’ve occupied for more than four decades at no cost. Doug Farmwald, emergency services coordinator for the St. Joseph County chapter of the Red Cross – which oversees all surrounding Red Cross chapters – said the old building is outdated and needs a lot of maintenance. Because of that, it is no longer able to suit their needs, and they are now looking for updated office space to allow them to have volunteers work with clients, organize classes, and continue providing their other services as well.

The decision to move from that office wasn’t easy, Farmwald said, and the Marshall County chapter is now searching for suitable quarters. The state Red Cross headquarters in Indianapolis will make the final decision as to where the organization will be located, but local volunteers are searching for possible sites.

One such site is the former Argos Library. Carol Arnett, senior volunteer and chairman of the Red Cross chapter in Marshall County, approached the Argos Town Board at their recent meeting and asked if they would allow them to use the building, at least on a temporary basis, until they could find a better location. She said the board was enthused and would like to have the Red Cross in Argos. The board agreed to consider the possibility, but Arnett emphasized that the final decision would be made in Indianapolis.

One major concern, however, is that the chapter previously paid nothing for their housing but they will now likely be forced to pay a monthly rental fee for a new location. Arnett said two locations are ideal but they come at a cost of $1000–$2000 per month.

Arnett said the old chapter building will be going up for auction on June 26 at 12:30 p.m., and the chapter is doing everything they can do to find a new location to continue providing their much-needed services to the community.