Mint Festival Pageant Was a Success, Says Trout

The Mint Festival Pageant went off without a hitch, according to committee member Teresa Trout. She said 22 girls and two boys competed in the pageant, which lasted about an hour and drew a crowd of nearly 150 people to the North Judson-San Pierre High School auditorium.

Chloe Lovins and Alexander Hardin earned the titles of Little Miss and Little Mister, while Raegon Hensley won the Princess category. Junior Queen was Ashley Rearden, and this year’s Mint Festival Pageant Queen was Caitlyn Barnes.

Trout said she was very pleased with the way the pageant turned out, especially since it was her first year involved in organizing the event. She said she received a lot of positive feedback, and while it was a little chaotic backstage, she said the pageant went very well, and she plans to return next year to help organize it again.

“I was doubtful before, but seeing the finished product and how everything came together, yeah, I think I will definitely be in it next year,” said Trout.