MPI Employees Vote No to Union Takeover

The employees of MPI have made their decision: 148 employees voted to stay with the current owner while 66 employees voted to have a labor union step in. Investment firm Monomoy bought MPI in January and some employees feel they deserve more time to improve upon MPI; others feel a union should take over and bring fairer conditions to the business.

Jared Warnock, a Teamsters organizer, said they were contacted by MPI employees who complained about unfair treatment, such as inconsistent rules and discipline and seniority rights – like shift preferences, vacation choices, pay issues and other problems – as well as lack of respect. He said letting the union step in would actually benefit the employees.

The majority of MPI employees disagreed, however, and voted to stay with MPI’s current owner, giving Monomoy a chance to prove themselves. Monomoy recently granted employees pay raises across the board.