No Harvest Festival This Year

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers
Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Bad news for festival-goers: there will be no Harvest Festival in Knox due to the lack of a coordinator. Mayor Rick Chambers explained that they still hope to have a parade and car show as well as a number of other events that weekend, but no formal festival will take place because no one stepped up to take the reins.

In October, Chambers announced that he was looking for a coordinator for the event after he learned the previous coordinator, Michelle Bachtel, would not be able to handle it this year. The event’s coordinator is responsible for putting together events, contacting vendors, lining up entertainment like live bands, getting dumpsters in town, and gathering volunteers to pick up trash, set up and tear down booths, manage the parade, and a variety of other tasks.

Unfortunately, since no one stepped up this year, Chambers said there will be no Harvest Festival, but he said a committee has been formed and they’re working on a plan for next year.

“We have a committee – I have formed a committee, and I have several on that committee. Anybody that is interested, give me a call at the mayor’s office and we will let you join us on that committee and we will get back on track and have a good festival for next year,” Chambers said.

Anyone interested can reach the mayor’s office at (574) 772-4553.