Pulaski County Council, Commissioners Approve Amendment to Personnel Policy

The Pulaski County Council and commissioners met in a joint session last night to discuss an amendment to the personnel policy regarding overtime, paid time off, holidays and bereavement pay. Commissioner Larry Brady was present at the meeting while commissioners Tracey Shorter and Terry Young were unable to make it to the meeting; Shorter, however, was available via speakerphone.

The council and commissioners discussed overtime for the sheriff’s department and elected to amend the policy to pay straight time up to 168 hours in a pay period with overtime being paid time and a half for all hours more than 168.

For paid time off, they amended it from 132 hours to 134 hours, and elected to allow 12 holiday hours for employees on a four-days-on, two-days-off schedule – an increase over the eight hours the policy previously allowed. Unused holidays will expire at the end of the year.

For bereavement pay, the commissioners and council chose to allow one day.

Because two commissioners were not present, they were unable to reach a quorum and will have to wait to make a decision on the matter until their meeting on Monday, June 17. The council, however, moved to accept the policy and pass it on to the handbook committee. The motion was seconded and passed with no objections.