Reflective Signs Aid Responders in Reaching Emergencies

When calling 911, time is of the essence and when responders have trouble locating your home or business it can have disastrous consequences. To combat that, mark your home and business with reflective green signs that help to highlight your location. Sherry Fagner of the Pulaski County Fire and Rescue Association is urging home- and business-owners to post the reflective numerals to help guide first responders at night, taking advantage of the green background to ensure ease of identification.

First responders are trained to look for the green sign with reflective numbers near the mailbox, and to help distribute these signs, association has announced plans to begin selling the signs in mid-June to the public for $20 per sign. The signs, which are sized 16 inches by 18 inches, may be hung vertically or horizontally and feature address numbers with three-inch-high reflective letters on both sides.

Purchasing the signs from the association also helps emergency responders raise funds for the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies needed for rescue operations in the wake of a major disaster. The funds will be focused toward the purchase of backboards and accessories used to transport injured persons.

The Pulaski County Fire and Rescue Association is a volunteer organization consisting of firemen, law enforcement officers, hospital personnel, ambulance crews, emergency managers, and public health staff who care for and protect citizens of Pulaski County on a daily basis.

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