Scam Email Report Taken by LaPorte Police

LaPorte police warn you of an internet scam and to ignore this message if you get it.

A LaPorte man told police Wednesday that he received an email from a subject claiming to be with the U.S. Military. The person was requesting assistance in smuggling $780 million allegedly confiscated by Saddam Hussein into the United States. The email requested the victim’s personal banking information so that the money could be wired into his account.

The victim did not respond to this email and called police instead.

Scam emails are designed to fool you into revealing your personal information, such as bank account information and credit card information. The wording contained is often used to con you into paying money for fake money offers, prize or lottery winnings.

LaPorte police urge you to be suspicious of unexpected emails from your bank or financial institution. Banking or financial institutions never ask for information they should already know in an email.

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.