Starke County Council Amends Payment for Jail Suit Legal Fees

Starke County officials have agreed to pay the fees stemming from the jail overcrowding lawsuit from a different fund than previously announced. Last month the council announced plans to pay the $90,000 from the County Adjusted Gross Income Tax, or CAGIT, fund. Instead the commissioners revisited their action and opted to use money in the CEDIT, or County Economic Development Income Tax, rainy day fund. Council President Dave Perman notes the money in the CEDIT fund was set aside for a purpose such as that, and using it will allow the CAGIT money to be used to cover other expenses in the county’s general fund.

The public will get a first look at plans for a new jail east of Knox on State Road 8 during the July 22 council and commissioners meeting. That presentation is scheduled to take place at 5:30 p.m. at the county annex building.