Starke County Environmental Days Recycles Nearly 1000 Items

The Starke County Environmental Days event was a huge success, according to Carrie Trent-Kuchel, the executive direct of the Starke County Environmental Management District. Trent-Kuchel explained that a large number of Starke County residents turned out for the event and donated nearly 1000 items to be properly disposed of.

On Friday, she said residents recycled tires, appliances, and TV sets, filling two semi-trailers full of tires and a full trailer load of electronics. Around 268 items were brought in on Friday.

On Saturday, however, the turnout was even better despite the rain. Three semi-trailers of tires were hauled off along with two trailer loads of appliances, a full trailer load and one box truck of electronics, and one trailer of household hazardous waste. Residents recycled around 531 items.