Tax Abatement Compliance Not an Issue With AMI

At their meeting this week, the Plymouth City Council questioned whether or not the new company that took over the Whitley Products establishment still is in compliance with the tax abatement.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told WKVI that the officials at Whitley Products had asked for a tax abatement years ago when they wanted to install $600,000–$700,000 worth of equipment at their Plymouth facility. The council was concerned about that equipment when Whitley had decided to close their doors as they had heard that some of that equipment might have been sold.

Surrisi explained that when Aggressive Manufacturing Innovations took over the company just last month, all of the equipment was still in the building and should still fulfill the tax abatement compliance issues.

AMI, a Michigan-based company, has six or seven employees at the facility now with plans to hire more as production moves forward. Employees at the Plymouth plant will continue to manufacture parts for tractors and diesel-powered equipment for the agriculture business.