Test Scores Show Growth in Knox Elementary, Middle Schools


The NWEA scores showed gains at the Knox Community Elementary School and at the Knox Middle School.

Elementary Principal Glenn Barnes showed the board the statistics from the reading and math tests from the beginning of the year through the May test. Students in 4th grade showed the slowest scores in growth and Barnes assured the Knox Community School Board that the staff will target areas to help students improve the scores.

The middle school results showed a little growth and Principal Dave Miller told the board that special efforts will be made next year to get the students where they need to be show better growth.

Both principals believe that better than typical growth is the focus and know the importance of raising expectations of the students.

High School Principal Dr. Elizabeth Ratliff reported that the End of Course Assessments found 73 percent proficiency in the Algebra 1 scores with the first-time takers. The English 10 test showed 72 percent proficiency. She also told the board that the teachers will be getting together to research better ways to incorporation reading comprehension into lessons and target students on needed math skills in Algebra.