Vertical Borings to Be Installed in Starke County Landfill

The Starke County Commissioners accepted a contract on Thursday to move forward with a solution at the county landfill, which is exuding methane around the perimeter, much to IDEM’s displeasure. The commissioners spoke with Mike Maxwell from Weaver Boos Consultants, who explained that their best bet is to install vertical borings – essentially chimneys – in the landfill to help vent the gas vertically.

Maxwell presented a contract for the commissioners to sign and said he obtained two quotes to perform the work but was unable to get a third quote because the company he approached stated they were unable to meet the requirements for the job. County attorney Martin Lucas said he reviewed the contract and found no issues with it.

The commissioners passed a motion approving the contract as presented, with the cost not to exceed $68,000. Commissioner Kathy Norem requested that Maxwell also provide a copy of the contract to IDEM.