Winamac Town Park to Remain Closed This Weekend

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
Entrance to the Winamac Town Park
The Winamac Town Park will be closed for the rest of the weekend following this week’s storms that flooded the area. Park Manager Rick Dilts told WKVI that the gates will be closed in front of the park on June 8 and 9, and all events that had been planned to take place in the park have been canceled. He said, hopefully, the park will be open on Monday; of course, that all depends on how flooded the area is by then.

Right now, Dilts said the flood level is about 10.5 feet, having reached a peak of 12.8 feet. The back part of the park is underwater, and while that section of the park will remain closed for some time, Dilts said the front part should be open by Monday if the roads clear. They are currently under nearly six inches of water.

Fortunately, Dilts said there isn’t any major damage in the park outside of the typical debris that gathers such as driftwood. Crews are preparing to turn some of the electric back on in the area to get the lift stations back in working order for Monday, but the tough part, Dilts said, will take some time.

“The tough part is to try to get prepared now, get things put back together for the fair, reunions that are happening here and all that. It’ll be a busy week,” said Dilts. (06-08-13 – Dilts – Be a Busy Week)