Audit Requests $35k Reimbursement From Walkerton Library Interim Director

An audit report for the Walkerton-Lincoln Township Public Library has revealed that the former interim director of the library, Scott Klingerman, allegedly made hundreds of unauthorized ATM withdrawals and wrote more than 100 unauthorized checks. The audit claims that in 2010, Klingerman received $35,307.91 in authorized payments, and made other payments in amounts ranging from $1500 to $3443.56 at various pay cycles.

When Klingerman took the position of interim director, he reportedly indicated to the library board that compensation was not necessary. As a result, the board did not establish an amount of compensation for Klingerman, but in 2011, they established an amount of $20,000 for the position and retroactively established his salary for 2010 in that amount as well.

However, in 2010, Klingerman received $35,307.91 in unauthorized payments, more than $15,000 over his allotted salary. In 2011, he received $19,659.20. No record of hours worked was
presented for review for either of these years. In 2012, the board did not approve an increase in salary or indicate that a different a salary was to be paid, other than the $20,000 gross salary approved in 2011. In 2012, salary payments to Klingerman totaled $20,955.66, which is over the allowed amount. No record of hours worked was presented for review.

The Department of Local Government Finance is requesting that Klingerman reimburse the Walkerton-Lincoln Township Public Library $15,922.77. This report was released roughly two months after the library was unexpectedly closed for several weeks following an investigation by the FBI and state police.

The report indicates that public money was used to cover charges at Main Street Pub in South Bend, Bar Louie, the Tilted Kilt, Hacienda, Walmart, and a variety of other locations. For the full audit report, click here.