Bible Study Group Seeks to Purchase Cow for Needy Family Across the Globe

A bible study group is raising funds to make a donation to a needy family outside the country. According to Jeannie Little, the group, called Thread of Hope, recently purchased a goat from Heifer International to provide milk for a family to drink and sell in order for the family to send their children to school. Little said after their success with that effort, they are now trying to purchase a cow to send to another family in need across the globe.

Little said in order for them to cover the cost of the cow, which is estimated to cost $500, the group is holding a “Rock-A-Thon” on Aug. 10 in which the group will rock in rocking chairs at Community Gospel Baptist Church for six hours straight, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the group is now looking for sponsors.

Little said anyone interested in sponsoring the group can make a donation of $1 per hour or more or even just make a flat donation to the effort. Any funds left over from the purchase of the cow will go toward Sam Naik, a man who lives in India where he runs an orphanage and school for boys. Little explained Naik has visited the Community Gospel Baptist Church several times in the past, speaking about the orphanage and asking for donations.

Because Little has sponsored a boy in India for five years, she said she feels it is a worthy cause.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Rock-A-Thon can make a donation at the church on Aug. 10, or for those who wish to spread the word, visit their Facebook page.